GROW FOOD slow food Have your garden and eat it too. A practical guide to organic gardening in the sub-tropics with step-by-step instructions and delicious seasonal recipes. Come with me too on some of my travels in Australia, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Gardening Topics

A healthy and productive garden can’t help but be beautiful!

I try to recycle and re-use as much as I can in the garden – to be as self-sufficient as possible and I don’t use any harmful sprays or chemical fertilizers  .  This is the basis of organic gardening – Nature’s way.  I hope that by sharing my experience and knowledge you too will become a better gardener.
If you want to find information about any of the topics listed below just click on it but I suggest you start here; My Top Ten Tips for Starting a Food Garden.

All about SOILS
Cover Crops and Meadows for Orchards
Earthworms (In Praise of the Humble Earthworm)
Fertilizers (Soil Nutrition)
Green Manures