GROW FOOD slow food Have your garden and eat it too. A practical guide to organic gardening in the sub-tropics with step-by-step instructions and delicious seasonal recipes. Come with me too on some of my travels in Australia, Europe, Asia and beyond.

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My other passions – apart from gardening, cooking and travel – and what keeps me awake at night.

Getting America Back Online – washing lines and renewable energy
Mullumbimby Living Earth Festival 2013 – community gardens 11/11/2013
Mullumbimby Community Garden 2013 ABC Gardening Australia – community gardens 13/7/2013
Postcard from Britain 5 Рpesticides and decline in bee numbers  РJune 8 2012
Postcard from Britain 3 – West Mallinghow Tesco’s killed a 1,000 year old market town

High Cholesterol and Thyroid Disease – Hashimoto’s disease
My Shark Moment – why I love to swim
Ruby Wax and Seneca – the philosophy of mindfulness 10/10/2013

Postacrd from Britain 4 Рmy part in the Swinging Sixties Рme, Mayfair and the Duchess of Argyle